Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wadhvana Sarovar and Targod Dam

We started on a winter morning from Baroda at 6 in the morning. The destination for the day was Wadhvana Sarovar (lake), near by dabhoi town around 35 kms from Baroda. These lake is the 2nd largest water body around Baroda after Ajwa Sarovar. The lake was built by the Great Maharaja of Baroda Sir Sayaji Rao Gayakwad. The lake is famous for the migratory birds that migrate here from different part of world. The lake is accessible from two roads best way is get inside the town of dabhoi and ask for directions. The 2nd way, via shyamli village on dabhoi - bodeli rd. is not recomonded for visiters visiting via cars, since there are a lot of thorn plants which will scratch your cars.

Once you are on the lake there are three watch towers. If you access the lake via dabhoi town you ll reach the center watch tower. Guides, bird books and binocular are available over there. Go to the right most watch tower its the best place to see the birds. We just loved the calm and peace on the lonely lake and heard a lot of chirping of the birds.

Best time to visit these place is in the month of december to february. You Can find a lot of species of birds here. With the help of students of faculty of arts they have created an interpretation centre where we can get the knowledge of the birds like where the come from and how to identify them. Its not very big but worth a visit.

Our next destination for the day was Targod dam. It is on the Dabhoi - Bodeli road around 60 kms from Baroda. Just around 10 kms before Bodeli town, there is cross road for going to targod. The cross road leads you directly to the dam, It is around 15 kms inside the deep forest and last 8 - 10 kms was preety bad road. But it was worth a visit, it is lonely and undiscovered. It has got a perfect scenery. We discovered a small waterfall from the reservior and took a nice bath over there, we hadnt expected much from here but it was a really nice place to visit.

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